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Our new collection “Savannah” was inspired by the beautiful natural patterns we find in nature. From the astonishing diversity of the plants ecosystem to the exceptional animal kingdom, the deep-rooted history and iconography resonates in all of us.
We wanted to highlight the richness of all the variety of species you can find there and submerge you into it so you can feel part of it.

Our goal is to help you find the balance between being the center of attention and feeling safe and comfortable at the same time.
The beauty of it is that this collection can be worn for any occasion, whether you are staying home, doing outdoor activities, or out at a party, it is up to you to chose.

We are a sustainable brand that cares about the preservation of our ecosystem, this is why we prioritize quality over quantity. Our collections are very limited and each kimono, cape and fur coat are made in 2 pieces only. One piece will be available to be purchased and one to be rented.
We find that this is also a beautiful way to make you feel special when wearing it.
All pieces are handmade using recycled materials. The palette of colors or patterns are wide, so everyone can find what he/she likes.

The collection is now available online on our website (link in bio).
You can also book an appointment to try it on yourself in our showroom in Lisbon.

Let’s wear conscious clothes together and support local small brands.

With love, Lunekova