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Hello, my name is Evgenia Lunekova and I am proud to introduce you to my brand, which I created during the first Covid-19 lockdown.

Fur and Fun by Lunekova is a fashion brand inspired by the mystery of life and is a result of happy moments gathered during worldwide travels and memories of beautiful places and people.

The clothes are designed to inspire you and the people around you with vibrant colors, shapes, and textures.

We believe in ethical fashion, therefore we use luxury brand dead stock material in production that ensures the high quality and sustainability of our brand. Each piece is made to last.

Each item has an exclusive design that speaks a unique language and brings you to the center of attention.
Fur and Fun by Lunekova offers female, male and unisex items that would fit any body type.

Who are our clients?

Fur and Fun by Lunekova brand seeks to satisfy the peculiar taste of international, cosmopolitan people, who choose uniqueness and identify themself through conscious fashion.

Our clients are bright souls and are not afraid to be the center of attention and they use this attention to spread joy and positive energy.

They do not find the appeal of mass market brands.

They choose to wear unique items.

They support sustainability.

They love themselves and are confident, sexy, free, and brave enough to express their personality through their looks.

They move through their life dancing, and their energy is contiguous.