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Orlova 6.0

Stunning faux fur coat "Orlova 6.0"

Unbelievably soft and warm.

An elegant silhouette with a classic cut with comfortable pockets and a belt. Layer it over the daily clothes for complete stylish looks. Amazing for daily use or a cocktail/party occasion. Suitable for the city breaks destinations like Amsterdam, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin.

Perfect for chilly weather, evening/night activities and desert festivals.

With Orlova fur coats create a sexy look that attracts the maximum amount of attention and how to feel the venue around you responding, how a room or a dance floor will light up once you walk in is something to be experienced.

Product Details

100% recycled polyester 

Hand made in Portugal

Model height is 1,75

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Orlova is a common Slavic surname representing a proud emblem of the Russian culture and heritage. The name Orlov is derived from the Russian personal name Orlov, which is derived from the word Oryol or eagle.