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Jungle night

Reversible Kimono “Jungle night” - Lunekova Fur and Fun

“Jungle night” reversible unisex Kimono.

 Product Details

Size M/L, unisex.

Size chart.

100% Cotton with palm fiber.
100% Viscose inside.

Hand made in Portugal. 

Suitable for any city break or beach destination to look fabulous and be centre of attention in any occasion.


These pieces were inspired by the night time sights and sounds of the Peruvian rainforest.

Around 6:30 p.m. when sun was setting and darkness slowly started to approach, sounds began to get louder. The jungle was awakening.

I made this kimono Reversible because:

In the darkness, you feel like hundreds of eyes are watching you, but you don’t see anything.
You don’t have any idea who is hiding and watching you from the depths of the dense forest, just your feeling of the presence of the wild beings.

When you wear it remember what is hiding inside.
Great chance to own a unique piece of art.

With love,


Reversible Kimono “Jungle night” - Lunekova Fur and Fun